Pulling the Panic Cord

Singer-songwriter, Gabrielle Aplin, has released her new music video for ‘Panic Cord’. The re-worked version of one of her most loved songs has hit our television screens. The new sound of the song has made the song more cheery and the risk of altering a beloved song seems to have paid off for Aplin.

The music video tells the story behind the lyrics wonderfully and puts Aplin’s acting skills to the test, for the first time, by starring in the tale of a broke-down relationship. The talents of her acting work for the video and it appears naturally, like a well-established artist. Although, I don’t think Aplin will be the next Kiera Knightley with only basic acting needed for the video. The video features Aplin wearing beautiful outfits, including a floaty, white dress making Gabrielle look very angelic.

Visually, the video’s vintage look is lovely to watch and along with the broken down love story is an admirable video to watch.

The question will now be if she can beat the number 6 position, in the Official UK Singles Chart, her last single ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ received. Or could she even get another number 1 alongside ‘The Power of Love’.

‘Panic Cord’ will be Aplin’s third song released off of her debut album, ‘English Rain’. ‘Panic Cord’ is out on May 5th and ‘English Rain’ is to be released on May 13th. Pre-order available here http://gabrielleaplin.co.uk/english-rain-album/.

You can watch the ‘Panic Cord’ video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLdTcr98fSs


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