Lauren Aquilina at the Fleece.


Last Thursday night in Bristol’s iconic music venue, The Fleece, Lauren Aquilina left the audience in absolute awe with her angelic voice and beautiful piano melodies.

The 18-year-old singer-songwriter spent her early childhood years living in Bristol and told the crowd how astonished she was to be headlining a sold out tour, kicking off in a city close to her heart.

Lauren Aquilina is an independent artist, making her music heard through YouTube, and even though she has only just completed her A-levels, Lauren is making her way up the music ladder with a sold out UK tour, a headline spot at Reading and Leeds Festival on the BBC Introducing stage and her latest E.P. ‘Sinners’ reaching the top 5 in the UK iTunes chart.

The show got underway with the first support act, Archie Smith, who Aquilina discovered on YouTube from a cover of one of her very own songs. Archie’s breathtaking sound certainly got the attention of the crowd, even from the audience who were still entering from the queue outside the venue. You can listen to Archie’s music, along with his cover, on his YouTube:

Orla Gartland took to the stage second playing songs that have been made famous on YouTube, such as ‘The Ground’ and ‘Devil on my Shoulder’. The singer also previewed a brand new exclusive song from her soon to be released first E.P., and did an astounding, unique cover of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’. Orla’s excitement and talent came across to the crowd and definitely warmed up the audience. At only 18 years of age it seems the Irish singer-songwriter has a bright musical future ahead of her. Keep your eyes peeled for her first E.P. You can check out Orla’s music here:

Aquilina’s current tour is the first time she takes to the stage with her live band. As the band took to the stage, followed by Lauren, they began with ‘Ugly Truth’ which features on her second E.P. ‘Sinners’. Performing with her band only enhanced her powerful songs and increased her professional appearance.

The singer-songwriter was kind enough to share some brand new songs with the audience, including ‘Stung’ which the audience seemed to love from their enthusiastic cheers and wonderful wooo’s.

The Aquilina family were there to show their support with Lauren’s Dad humbly watching in the audience and her mum proudly running the merchandise stand whilst singing along to her daughter’s songs.

As Aquilina introduced that she would be singing her song ‘Wonder’ she warned that she may start to cry and the emotion of the song came across to the crowd as they peacefully watched in amazement.

Nevertheless, Aquilina was slightly too powerful on the odd occasion but she keeps on growing as she releases more and more music. The amount she has grown musically, between debuting ‘Fools’ and realising her second E.P., is phenomenal and she is on track to carry on blossoming into a successful music career.

Lauren played a cover of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ and looked incredibly happy singing a song that she must have grown up with. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the rendition with many of them singing at the top of their lungs.

Aquilina finished the show with ‘Fools’ the title track of her first E.P. She encouraged the audience to sing along and it was a brilliant way to finish her wonderful set.

The singer-songwriter has developed a large fan base with a fan at the gig making her a cake. Lauren showed her grateful thanks to her fans by signing and having pictures taken for over an hour. She certainly knows how to treat her fans well.

If you missed Lauren Aquilina in concert this time, keep your eyes out for the announcement of her third tour where she will be playing Bristol’s famous musical boat, The Thekla.