Weekly Listen: James Bay brings the Chaos and the Calm to our ears

This week, I’m spicing things up and doing a weekly listen instead of the usual Weekly Watch. (This will be a rather short post as I’m currently in the stressful deadline period for my last year at uni!)

James Bay’s debut album, ‘Chaos and the Calm’, hit the shelves today and I’ve been listening to it as I’ve been working throughout the day so I thought I’d share my opinion.

This may be one of the most anticipated albums of the year after James Bay won the Critics Choice Award at this year’s BRIT awards and sold out his entire UK tour. It’s pretty impressive to sell out a tour before the release of the first album.

The single, ‘Hold Back The River’, received a remarkable reception and set James off to a great start in gaining support from the public and critics.

On to the album, it certainly has both the chaos and the calm as named. I was partially expecting this album to be slow ballads but there is a real change of tempo throughout the album.

James Bay has a beautiful voice which I have fell in love with. It’s soulful, powerful, soft, familiar and different all at the same time.

I think there is many relatable songs on this album, it is clear the lyrics are from the heart.

One of my favourite more upbeat songs is ‘Best Fake Smile’, which is not a style I was expecting from James Bay. Also, it has a brilliant name!

My favourite slower track is ‘Need the Sun to Break’. It really exposes his voice and shows how wonderful his voice is.

The only criticism I have of the album is James’ voice is pretty similar throughout, which is great if you fall in love with his voice like me, but if it isn’t your cup of tea then you’ll be disappointed with the entire album.

This album is definitely worth listen. I won’t say too much and let you judge for yourself! (Also, because I need to go back to writing essays!)

If you’ve not heard of James Bay yet… Have you been living underneath a rock? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of him, go listen to the album now and you’re all caught up! Hope you enjoy the new music as much as I am.


Weekly Watch: Ed Sheeran Releases Music Video for ‘Don’t’

This week’s watch is of the new music video released from Ed Sheeran. The talented singer-songwriter has uploaded the video for ‘Don’t’, his next single from the number 1 album ‘X’.

The song is catchy, it will have you dancing and singing away and is the perfect choice to release as a single.

The video focuses on a talented dancer that break-dances through a variety of houses and outfits, from poor to rich. It could be a sign of Ed’s rise to fame throughout his music career so far.

The music video uses sound effects to fit in with the action on-screen. The dancer jumps in a pool and the water becomes muffled which really adds something special to the video.

Although, the video does not focus on Ed Sheeran, he does make a few appearances throughout! See how many times you can spot him and enjoy the new video.

Weekly Watch

This YouTube video begins  the Intuitive Mind Reviews  ‘Weekly Watch’ which comes from the American television show, The Ellen Show. It will have you laughing and smiling at the adorableness of this 4-year-old singing the Bruno Mars song ‘When I Was Your Man‘.

The young Kai returns to The Ellen Show after his cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘Grenade’ being a hit with the viewers.

This is a must watch and will have you oozing with joy at the cuteness.

Pulling the Panic Cord

Singer-songwriter, Gabrielle Aplin, has released her new music video for ‘Panic Cord’. The re-worked version of one of her most loved songs has hit our television screens. The new sound of the song has made the song more cheery and the risk of altering a beloved song seems to have paid off for Aplin.

The music video tells the story behind the lyrics wonderfully and puts Aplin’s acting skills to the test, for the first time, by starring in the tale of a broke-down relationship. The talents of her acting work for the video and it appears naturally, like a well-established artist. Although, I don’t think Aplin will be the next Kiera Knightley with only basic acting needed for the video. The video features Aplin wearing beautiful outfits, including a floaty, white dress making Gabrielle look very angelic.

Visually, the video’s vintage look is lovely to watch and along with the broken down love story is an admirable video to watch.

The question will now be if she can beat the number 6 position, in the Official UK Singles Chart, her last single ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ received. Or could she even get another number 1 alongside ‘The Power of Love’.

‘Panic Cord’ will be Aplin’s third song released off of her debut album, ‘English Rain’. ‘Panic Cord’ is out on May 5th and ‘English Rain’ is to be released on May 13th. Pre-order available here http://gabrielleaplin.co.uk/english-rain-album/.

You can watch the ‘Panic Cord’ video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLdTcr98fSs