Taylor Swift Paints the O2 Red

Swift going out with a bang singing 'We Are Never Getting Back Together'.

Swift going out with a bang singing ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’.

On her fourth night of sold-out shows at London’s O2 Arena, Taylor Swift amazes her dedicated fans with show-stopping performances of her famously-loved tracks.

Boy-band, The Vamps, warmed up fans with their catchy tunes but there is a clear resemblance to teen-heartthrobs, One Direction. The look, style and sound of The Vamps may not be new to the music industry but Swift’s fans went crazy for the boys. Maybe that had something to do with the largely female audience!

Taylor Swift took to the stage for just under two hours and definitely gave the audience their money’s worth. It was a full-packed show with numerous costume changes, energetic dance numbers and a vast amount of the colour red.

‘The Red Tour’ has now been on the road for eleven months since March 2013. Taylor Swift now brings the tour to the UK for five o2 Arena dates. The last show is tonight and is bound to leave London with a bang.

Swift sang a collection of songs from her most recent album ‘Red’. She had the crowd dancing with her upbeat numbers such as ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’. She also had the crowd close to tears with her slower songs as she sang ‘All Too Well’ and ‘Treacherous’.

The songwriter also took the audience back in time with songs off her older albums. ‘Fearless’ and ‘Love Story’ pleased the crowd as they reminisced back a few years. Swift also sang ‘Sparks Fly’ and ‘Mean’ from her previous album, ‘Speak Now’, which caused many screams of excitement.

Taylor Swift seems to always have a surprise in her pocket and last night’s surprise came in the form of singing-superstar, Emeli Sandé. The duo sang Sandé’s hit ‘Next to Me’ and amazed everyone with truly remarkable vocals. The pair teamed up after meeting at last year’s BRIT Awards.

Taylor Swift and Emeli Sandé sing 'Next to Me'. Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift's Instagram.

Taylor Swift and Emeli Sandé sing ‘Next to Me’. Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift’s Instagram.

The show was full of tricks with a violinist, circus themed dancers and Taylor mechanically-moving in several directions all over the arena. She certainly got as close as she could to each of her fans.

Swift left the arena and her fans covered in confetti after singing her pop-hit ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ in a glittery fashion.

Taylor Swift can certainly put on an entertaining performance where her fans are her main purpose. She wants them to get their money’s worth and have an incredible night.


Paul Potts Film Deserves ‘One Chance’

James Corden steps in to the shoes of Britain’s Got Talent winner, Paul Potts, in the new film One Chance. Corden stars along side the treasured actress Julie Walters, Mackenzie Crook from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Colm Meaney of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The film is based on a true story of the life of the opera singer. You’re undoubtedly thinking a film about Paul Potts cannot be very thrilling but it will shock viewers to how many tragic events have happened throughout his life. His life may shock you as much as the first time you heard him sing!

One Chance tells the tale of how an opera singer suffered with bullying throughout his life and battled with self-confidence issues, but through it all overcame his fears and bullies for his love of opera. This was not without a number of setbacks including a burst appendix, discovering a tumour that gives a scare that Paul will never be able to sing again, and getting hit off his bike by a car.

It also tells the story of Paul’s relationships in his life including how he falls in love with his wife beginning on the internet, the struggle he has with his father in not understanding his passion for opera and his love for his supportive mother.

James-Corden-One-Chance-2365114 james-corden-one-chance







The Devil Wears Prada and Marley and Me director, David Frankel once again produces a light-hearted, funny and sentimentally touching film, even if it is on the cheesy side.

The film had the cinema laughing at loud in places and holding back tears in others. Nevertheless, One Chance will not be for everyone with its soppy lines, simple narrative and predictable nature. However, this film is perfect for an easy, light-hearted watch on a lazy day.

Surprisingly, behind the flick is Simon Cowell’s label Syco Entertainment that rings alarm bells in heads after the recent One Direction film. One Chance is certainly a different biographical film that actually makes it feel like a story rather than a documentary.

One Chance may not soar to the top of the box office and may be forgotten in a matter of weeks but it is definitely worth a watch if you’re looking for something to watch.

The film is not all opera with Taylor Swift releasing a new song for the film, which features on the credits. You can listen to ‘Sweeter than Fiction’ here.

One Chance is released in cinemas this Friday 25th October.

Stars: James Corden, Jemima Rooper, Julie Walters, Mackenzie Crook and Colm Meaney.

Director: David Frankel.

Film Classification: 12A.

Released: 25/10/13.

Running time: 103 minutes.