Weekly Watch: Orchestras Made Cool

The Republic of Telly Orchestra competes to be the top pranksters in this comical video.

The Orchestra take to the streets to use their musical talents to prank the people of the Republic of Ireland.

In this video the band uses famous music to create the ultimate jokes. The well-known song from a certain horror movie is used in a showroom bathroom, the countdown theme song used while people wait to cross the road and the follow the leader tune used to follow people as they walk.

It really does make Irish television look remarkably fun. Watch this video to see the comical orchestra startle the passer-bys.

Video courtesy of rterepublicofcomedy‘s YouTube.


Paper Towns Review


“That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people would want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on colour instead of taste.”

John Green once again has written a humorous, thought-provoking and intriguing book which will have you on the edge of your seat.

This mystery novel will have you gripped from the very beginning as the daring, Margo Roth Spiegelman, persuades the rational-headed, Quentin Jacobsen, to embark on a night of mischief and adventure. Their all-nighter is an experience that the pair will never forget when they set off to complete eleven tasks, including revenge.

Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin Jacobsen, better known as Q, were childhood friends who drifted apart through high school, but when Margo turns up at Q’s bedroom one night not long before graduation, it makes Quentin wonder if their friendship will be rekindled.

The next day at school is not as Q hopes when Margo does not show up, but where has Margo gone?

Quentin Jacobsen, Q, is a loveable teenager with his sensible and caring nature but when Margo disappears he hunts to find her and finds he has a lot more courage than he thinks. He follows the clues she may or may not have intended to leave to solve the Margo mystery.

Margo Roth Spiegelman is a captivating character with an extraordinary mind for planning her wildest dreams. Her wild nature and huge personality leads to one big question ‘Who is the real Margo?

This book is perfect for its primarily teenage audience with jokes about a friend’s mum, worrying about dates for prom and trying to find romance. This is a story that teenagers can relate to and the mystery element will hook the reader.

‘Paper Towns’ will have you laughing, puzzled and questioning how you think of the world. This book is a must read if you love John Green’s style, you will love this one just as much as his other writing.

Gatsby the Great


The Great Gatsby has high expectations from any individual who has read the worldwide famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The film features a star-studded line up of talent, with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, that shows the first signs that it will be a hit.

The creation from Baz Luhrmann, director of Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge!, takes a classic tale and turns it into a modern masterpiece. The contemporary, cinematic edge makes the film unique but the superb storyline remains.

As I walked into the cinema I hoped the film would give me the same reaction as the book and without a doubt, it fulfilled my hopes. Although, the impact of the climax of the film would be heightened if you are unaware of what happens in the story.

The soundtrack to the film is remarkable and is the perfect fit for the Great Gatsby. The music includes a mixture of songs from the likes of Florence and the Machine, Jack White, Jay-Z and Lana Del Ray. The soundtrack is available to buy on CD and is a great way to relive the film through sound.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as Jay Gatsby is astounding and he creates amazing chemistry with the relationships he makes in the film. His friendship with Tobey Maguire’s character, Nick Carraway, shows a unique bond which is hard to find. The whirlwind romance of Gatsby and Daisy, played by Carey Mulligan, really highlights the talent and passion the cast put into their roles.

The Great Gatsby takes a classic tale and modernises it with top quality music and marvellous effects. The film is a must watch just like the book is a must read. Catch the Great Gatsby in cinemas now.