Intuitive Mind is written by Danielle Ricketts.

About Danielle Ricketts

Danielle is a twenty year old student living in the city of Bristol. She is studying Journalism and Public Relations at the University of the West of England. She runs Intuitive Mind for fun, experience, to improve her writing and for you to enjoy reading it (hopefully!).

Danielle has experience writing for the online magazine, Behind the Spin, where she worked as news editor for a year.

You can follow Danielle on twitter here.

To get in contact with Danielle you can email daniellericketts@outlook.com.

About Intuitive Mind 

The blog features reviews of books, films, music, television programmes and anything else that tickles Danielle’s fancy. From time to time you may see some news stories too. Intuitive Mind  includes a Weekly Watch with something interesting, comical, weird or wonderful that’s popular from the week. The Weekly Watch is a short and fun review to keep the content up to date and give you a  fascinating watch.

Intuitive Mind Reviews is also on tumblr: http://www.intuitivemindreviews.tumblr.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Danielle! Your blog is incredible! I’m studying PR so of course I dove right into the PR section. I LOVED the Starbucks post. Very clever. I’m excited to see your writing! Good luck with school!

    Feel free to check me out! Though my blogs are nowhere near as polished as yours, ha!

    aspiringprpro.wordpress.com (PR)
    fos2014.wordpress.com (Personal)

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